25 OCT 2004


San Diego
(Harbor Island, Sea World, San Diego Zoo, Wild Animal Park)

April 2006


The complete Dan Wesson 10mm collection.

My latest project was machining this receiver made of 7076 aluminum. The Anodizing is pretty thick @ about 1.6 mils, and I died it over night in HBL Black, and sealed in nickel acetate for about 40 minutes.
A single layer of GunKote was baked on for durability. The upper is Armalite production, with a M1A Gen II modified magazine. The LPK is an Armalite AR-10, and the buttstock  is a fixed A2 DPMS. The hand guard is a Free float AR10T w/screw on AR10T barrel nut.
I thought it was appropriate to use the new Star Trek engineering badge, and the ST: Enterprise model number. You can call it nerdy but it is on one badass AR-10 I made, and yes it really shoots .308 Winchester.
This was a pretty fun project, that had some challenging moments...  btw: I used STUN & KILL instead of SAFE & FIRE on the safety :)                          
*RCT 8/10/2009*


Just added this beautiful wheel gun to my collection.
Smith & Wesson 610-2 10mm
1 of 300 Lew Horton from 1999
Almost impossible to find one period, but what about one that is in 100% condition!


A small project I did on my new Grizzly Vertical/Horizontal Mill (G3617).
I wanted to test the rigidity of this two thousand pound monster, and it did not disappoint. The 3/16 slots in the SS slide and 1/8 Holes into the SS barrel were comparable to cutting wood on my smaller mill. Like Butter!!! This sucker is going to open up a world of possibilities for me and these guns.


Here's a photo of my 50 Beowulf (50 Caliber). This one was a little more involved. Aside from machining the lower from a blank and etching the logos etc, I turned a steel buffer from scratch, turned the bolt on the lathe, shorten the firing pin, and fitted a Magpul short hand guard on a mid length gas system. I also have an Aimpoint 9000sc Red Dot mounted on her. The recoil is pretty decent, but not insane. Feels like a 20ga high base slug load in a light weight shotgun.
BTW: A lucky slot machine at the Monte Carlo in Las Vegas paid for the some what pricey barrel and other small parts :-)

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